GRANDE MENU à la carte


  •     Warm shrimp salad, cherry tomatoes and Taggiasca olives
  •     "Char in the woods" (carousel of forest flavors)
  •     Knife-like venison beat, scent of juniper and crisp rye bread
  •     Anchovy pie on chickpea grilled Salmon terrine and prawns on spreadable oil and olive bread
  •     Crispy porcini mushrooms with raspberry-sour crudités
  •     Mushroom burger with "Fario" trout and red currant air
  •     Fake capuccino with polenta and chanterelles
  •     Spaghetti brisé pasta with wild herbs and malga fondue
  •     Salmon trout tartar, orange dressing and pain brioche
  •     Crunchy "Fontal" in grains of pistachios and hazelnuts
  •     Salmon sushi Red cppuccio flan with blue goat's cream
  •     Fritters of "Puzzone" and Saracen flour
  •     Venison tartar with rye crackers and apple pralines

  •     Egg yolk in raviolo, Trentingrana and browned pancetta
  •     Fresh Fettuccine with porcini mushrooms and speck straw
  •     Malfatti with wild herbs on concassé of cherry tomatoes and marjoram (soft gnocchi with ricotta and herbs)
  •     Traditional Cančderli with speck in beef broth
  •     Risotto with silver fir and "Tosela" Tagliolini with cuttlefish ink with rock sauce
  •     Shelled potato shell, candied tomatoes and ginger
  •     Smoked trout candies in light horseradish sauce “Pisarei e fasò” (small bean dumplings with sausage ragout)
  •     Spaghetti alla chitarra in Amatriciana sauce "Caronzèi" all'ampzzana (traditional ravioli with beetroot and poppy)
  •     Maccheroncini with "malghèra", walnuts and speck "Fagoc da mont" (potato and porcini crescents and malga fondue)
  •     Tortelloni with burrata, pesto and tomato water "Strangolapreti" of the Council of Trento (traditional bread and herb dumplings)
  •     Yellow polenta dumplings with venison ragù and venison “Tirtlen with sauerkraut” in white butter sauce flavored with cumin (traditional South Tyrolean ravioli)
  •     Spaghettoni di "Matt" Felicetti selection with river carbonara
  •     Chestnut soup with speck ravioli
  •     Artichoke cream with small lamb medallions Trentino barley soup

  •     Rosé toe cooked at low temperature, mashed potatoes flavored with lemon
  •     Scotona cheek of braised beef with Pinot Noir, leek straw and celeriac puree Tyrolean goulash with Saracen polenta
  •     Fillet of young bull in Mediterranean sauce and potato rosts
  •     Sliced ​​venison in bacon coat, stewed potatoes and red sauerkraut
  •     Lamb chops in a herb crust, first course hay sauce and artichokes
  •     Baked ribs of paprika suckling pig and mustard air Polenta, mixed mushrooms and malga fondue
  •     Salt sea bass Julienne of green squid on soft polenta
  •     Octopus in wild garlic crust, black corn cream and tomato sauce
  •     Gilt fillet with citrus scent with a bouquet of vedurine
  •     Golden squid rings on black bean cream "Japanese Tempura" of prawns, squid and vegetables, Polenta soy sauce and "Tosèla" (fresh Primiero cheese cooked in a pan)
  •     Stinchetto roast suckling pig with thyme and potato and leek flan Roll of puff pastry with vegetables and ricotta, tomato coulis with basil

  •     Williams pear strudel and cinnamon ice cream
  •     Lemon mousse cake and raspberry cream Mascarpone cloud, white chocolate sauce and figs
  •     Mulled cream with berries Cheesecake with persimmons
  •     Chocolate bonet with "mou" sauce
  •     Ricotta pie with almond and raspberry crumble
  •     Duet of chocolate mousse and maracuia sauce
  •     Homemade apple fritters and vanilla ice cream
  •     Slice of "Sachertorte" and mint sauce Quiche of "Renette" caramelized apple sauce
  •     Calvados Soufflé "mi quit" with chocolate and orange sauce
  •     Canèderli sweet with strawberries in their sauce
  •     Soft hazelnuts and coffee cream Tiramisù with wild berries
  •     Soft chestnut cake with wild strawberry sauce

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